Agent involved shooting

As many of you are aware there was a deadly force incident at the Ysleta station 10/4/2022.  We want to assure you no agents were injured and the involved agents are doing as well as can be expected in light of the unfortunate events which took place.  While investigations are active and ongoing we would like to discourage agents from engaging in speculation and commenting via streams and other social media forums and venues.  We also want to remind everyone to remain vigilant on the job and mindful of the current climate of soft on crime, soft on immigration, and anti-law enforcement.  Now more than ever we need to watch each others backs to ensure we all make it through our shifts safely.  In light of recent events and conditions, the Union has stepped up its representational activity and is aggressively defending agents through all available means to including an increase in  PORAC activations,  and we are working with management for a more united front.  With all the targets on our backs this is not the time for friendly fire, and management has done their part as we collectively confront the changes in our work environments and ensure agents rights and due process are respected in these events.  We have included a link to a recent statement on events issued through FoxNews.