Covid Update

All things COVID remain the subject of ongoing negotiation with the Agency.

There are a few points everyone needs to take note of:

TESTING: The Agencies ability to require testing is in compliance with existing law.  Individual medical and/or religious accommodations may be sought through normal channels as applicable.  The Agency has mandated testing for employees identified as non-vaccinated in counties with yellow or red designations updated weekly by the CDC.

VACCINE:  The injunction was overturned by the appellate court and is pending an en banc in the 5th Circuit Court with the next stop being the Supreme Court, should they hear the case, would be the final word on the matter.

COVID POSITIVE:  It is important employees recognize the process for COVID claims with the Agency.  Agents are deemed high risk employees and have a presumption of workplace contagion.  This HIGH RISK designation should be noted in box 13 of the CA-1, which can be filed from any computer at 

While the protocols are changing constantly in the workplace, employees should secure a PCR test and doctors instructions to be uploaded into ECOMP in support of your claim.  COP is available up to 45 days as directed by your doctor.  COP begins the next day after the CA-1 is filed.  

NOTE: To be eligible for COP the CA-1 must be filed within 30 days.  Any time taken prior to submitting the CA-1 is subject to being charged to annual leave, sick leave, or admin leave as applicable.

Please reach out to your station stewards with any questions or concerns as soon as possible as the timelines to file are not flexible, missing a deadline will void your claim.