Wheres The Backup??

The Union met with Bravo-3 earlier this week and among other topics , addressed the ongoing concerns of increased workloads on a decreasing number of agents.  For years hiring goals have fallen short and the clock is ticking as an aging workforce could decimate the ranks through retirements as morale is at an all time low and thousands of agents now have the time in to retire and could choose to do so at anytime.  While the agency is offering bonuses to new agents, it has largely ignored the men and women on the job struggling with the shortfalls and discontinued retention bonuses for the rank and file.  The agency stated they are told they are open to ideas.  The items discussed included reopening retention bonuses and the reinstatement program for prior agents wishing to return to the job, as well as extension waivers and of course the infamous polygraph issue.  We are told there are changes on the horizon to ease chaos, we are tracking and waiting for them to make good on those commitments.

We have shared some Fox News articles on the topics below with more information, most recently is proposed legislation to address the polygraph issue disqualifying applicants at a substantially higher rate than seen in other agencies.