Member Alert

Knowing your rights in a critical incident is extremely important.  As a bargaining unit employee, you are entitled to union representation in workplace issues covered by the contract.  Furthermore, Union Members, who are actors and/or identified as subjects, are covered by the PORAC legal defense fund, which provides for course and scope coverage for members in administrative, civil, and criminal cases.

If you are compelled to provide a statement via Weingarten or NTA, you are entitled to request representation prior to making any statements.  There are situations where officials are providing on the spot NTAs and attempting to obtain statements from agents without their representation.  This is a violation of your rights and our contract, do not fall for this.  Always request your Union representative for the appropriate guidance before proceeding.

Contact your stewards, leads, or board members with any questions or concern you may have, we’re here to help and ensure you get the help you need.