Here we go again, What you need to know about a GOV Shutdown

Its that time of year again, SHUTDOWN.  This time it is coupled with the increased surge and the associated cancellation of station programs and details. For many of you with some time in you are all too familiar with the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.  For newer members, as our elected representatives fail to pass a budget, the federal employee bears the brunt of going without a paycheck until they can get around to doing their job and pay us for doing ours.  This year is no different, the sides have again started to address the task at the last possible minute instead of giving it the time and attention it deserves, and we will be caught in the crosshairs as a result.

It would seem a shutdown is inevitable, and your Local 1929 would like to take a minute to remind all employees of shutdown protocols.  The following is a summary of what happens, and some useful steps that can be taken in the interim between paychecks, should the shutdown take place on Sunday October 1st.

  • All employees would not receive a paycheck until a budget is approved or in light of a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government. 
  • Employees can expect to be served with furlough notices.  You can and should utilize this notice to contact banks and creditors to seek relief on payments and or short-term bridge loans to cover expenses during this period.
  • All leave is cancelled during but can be rescheduled after a furlough, employees absent during the furlough are considered furloughed for the time missed, however you cannot be denied sick leave during the shutdown.
  • Personnel identified as essential will not be furloughed, however, they will not be paid until funding is approved.
  • Reference OMB for shutdown procedures…
  • Essential employees working through the shutdown WILL BE PAID upon passage of a budget or CR.
  • Less than 12% will be furloughed throughout DHS.
  • Healthcare coverage continues.
  • BP Processing Coordinators are considered essential personnel.
  • Paid Parental Leave (PPL) and LWOP will remain status quo.  We will advise of any developments.
  • Be aware of potential ethics violations: i.e., crowd funding activity is prohibited for individual purposes related to the shutdown.
  • Reference OPM Guidance on GOV shutdown for more information
The Local will provide more information as it becomes available.