Membership Meeting 411

ROLL CALL, MOTIONS, POINTS OF ORDER… what does it all mean?

Membership meetings follow a short version of Roberts Rules to provide an equal and open forum to all members wishing to comment and or propose actions for the Local.  Normally the meeting should be light and informal, however on occasion Roberts Rules may be invoked to maintain an orderly flow of discussion. The Rules are intended to encourage discussion and should never be used to shut down discussion, but does require members to wait their turn and respect the turn of others so that all can be heard. In its most basic form, the meeting is as follows:

The person leading the meeting is called the CHAIR.  The CHAIR controls the traffic and recognizes members to address the meeting one person and one topic at a time.  The CHAIR must remain neutral on all matters or relinquish the CHAIR to the next ranking member, as per the Locals bylaws, to engage in discussion for or against any MOTION and can only resume the CHAIR after the MOTION has been voted on.  The meeting follows a predetermined format called the AGENDA to provide membership with the necessary reports of union activity and important developments affecting the bargaining unit. 

Following the reports the meeting addresses OLD BUSINESS, which provides an update, status, and or disposition of prior meeting actions and issues.

NEW BUSINESS is the time for any member to present proposed actions to the membership for consideration.  This occurs when a member is recognized by the Chair and presents a MOTION for a particular action.  Once the MOTION has been made the matter proceeds to discussion beginning with the maker of the motion and alternating points from members for and against.  Once discussion has finished the matter is put up for a vote and passes or fails based on the results from membership.   

A one-page guide is attached at the link below for further information to keep you in the know!