Notice of combined meeting for nominations and election of delegates to attend the AFGE National Convention

local 1929

Notification of Combined Meeting for Nominations and Election: 

A combined meeting for nominations and election will take place on May 14,2024 at our Union office located at 4150 Rio Bravo St. Suite 221. The Meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. for the office of delegate(s) and alternate delegate(s) to the National Convention in August 2024.

  1. Qualifications: Must be a member in good standing; be a member for one year of an AFGE Local, immediately preceding the closing of the nomination process; and must not be a member in any labor organization not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Each candidate may have a reasonable number of observers, who are members, present throughout the election process. Members who unavoidably are absent from the nomination/election meeting may make and accept nominations by way of a letter to the Election Committee at 4150 Rio Bravo St. Suite 221. We urge all members to participate. Elections are governed by the AFGE Rules OF conduct for an election, Appendix A of the AFGE National Constitution.


NBPC Local 1929 Executive Board 

NOTE: The information contained in this update is considered internal union business and may only be shared with members of Local 1929.